About me

My name is Kevin Butler and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. I started high school at Culver City High School and later graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School. I attend Chaffey Community College, in San Bernardino County, where I studied business and photography. Since then, I have gained an extensive background in real estate and banking. I have been doing and exploring my passion for photography for 14 years, and made my passion my profession for the past two years.

Photography to me is a moment frozen in time that is never taken away. I remembered how good it made me feel when I experienced that frozen moment of a girl that I really admired. This is when I fell in love with photography. Every visual object was a picture in my eyes, from configured shapes to vibrant colors. Unfortunately, I was not able to pursue my photography career as I planned; my real estate career took of with strength and was forced to put photography to the side, but my passion never left me. I always had my camera ready to freeze those moments of importance to me. I eventually found myself just working, and not loving what I do. The real estate market eventually crashed and gave me the opportunity to make photography a priority again.  My eye opening experience was when a friend offered me to help him with photographing a wedding. I was reunited with my first love photography. Months after I began taking headshots for inspiring models and glamour photos for friends. So instead of working I have been professionally doing what I love ever since.

I feel that everyone deserves to have their precious moments frozen and saved in time forever. I believe to “Live Your Fantasy Through Honesty and Truth”. When I take your photo my goal is to make your fantasy come to life, and through the camera lens, live it honestly and truthfully. 

Photography is my love and passion I understand the hardships of what is going on now days. That is why I offer very reasonable prices, which are amongst the lowest in the industry. I am bringing high quality professional pictures for reasonable prices. L.L. Butler Photography is where you will be happy to go where you do not get what you actually pay for. All prices are based on your needs and are negotiable. Remember that no photography job is to little or to big, I have packages available for all occasions that may not be shown on this website, please contact me for pricing and further details.

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